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Our Services

There are no shortcuts in creating services for aviation, especially for U-space. We are used to the fact that solving one problem generates other challenges in areas we did not expect. Usually, we solve them all.

Therefore, we are sure that our products will meet the most sophisticated expectations.

Certified UTM

Droneradar mobile application integrated with PansaUTM

We took up drones seriously in 2015. At that time we published the first version of the Droneradar mobile application, which in 2020 became certified software, approved for operational use in Poland on civil and military towers.

From the very beginning of our activity, we adhered to the principle that we publish all the necessary information needed by the pilot and take responsibility for interpreting the regulations.

Today, Droneradar integrated with PansaUTM, which we co-created, supports over 700,000 drone pilots. The system supports strategic flight planning and tactical flight handling.


Our customers, we are proud of

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PANSA and 
Headquarters of the Air Traffic Service of the Polish Armed Forces

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Polish CAA

Our biggest commercial project so far. We are currently focusing on developing the Droneradar mobile application. Nowadays PansaUTM is developed by PANSA. We left PANSA v1.2, which works continuously since 2021.

We continuously cooperate with Polish CAA, known as ULC (Urząd Lotnictwa Cywilnego).


The cooperation consists of PansaUTM certification, co-creation and consultation of European regulations, as well as in the exchange of experience in the development of tools supporting SORA.


Dozens of extra valuable customers

Our mobile application has been downloaded by over 700,000 users.


Dozens of people use Droneradar Space platform.


The Droneradar mobile application is part of official training programs approved by the National Authority.

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