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G - manager

Support for Local Administration Units (LAU) in creation and management of Geozones, according to Article 15 of 947 regulation

Why LAU?

We anticipate that the number of geographic zones will grow exponentially. It is also clear that, as a rule, Geozones (in accordance with ED-269) will primarily be aimed at reducing the GRC (Ground Risk Class) risk, so in consequence they will be managed by the local administration, not by ANSP.


Therefore, we decided to build a tool that will make airspace management over infrastructure elements intuitive, easy, and most importantly, will ensure compliance with regulations.

Screenshot 2022-12-25 at 07.19.46.png

Above all, geozones require understanding and legal support

Therefore, we are happy to share with you our experiences that we have built together with the Metropolis GZM (41 cities and communes with a total area of 2,500 sq km, where 2.3 million residents live, with 240,000 companies and enterprises, generating approx. 8 percent of our country’s GDP).

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