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Consulting Services

U-space is very demanding. The last 7 years have shown us that only a combination of various competences from seemingly unrelated areas gives us the right to consult your projects.

As simple, as:
1 + 2 + 3 + 4 =

Team experience

IT, Security, Gaming, Commercial Pilots, Telecommunication, UX


Subject matter experience

We built our competences during many years of cooperation with CAA, ANSP and Local Administration Units. We have conducted dozens of trainings and consultations for Air Traffic Services in various countries, as well as for public and local government administration units. We understand from the inside, the needs and responsibilities of various U-space stakeholders.


U-space is infrastructure

Today, after many years, we are sure that U-space is an Infrastructure, similar to roads or railways. This, in turn, requires investment by the state, understanding of the obligations and rights of citizens and, most importantly, it gives the opportunity to create and develop business services.


100% or nothing

Wherever the systems will ultimately make decisions, appropriate data should be prepared. That is why we adhere to the principle that what we do must be 100%. There are no compromises, no shortcuts. Good solutions require time and patience that we today's world lacking off. Therefore, we do not promise unrealistic things. We make our clients aware of the risks and consequences of decisions. In short, we take consulting very seriously.

Let's Work Together

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